Alyssa Green, Owner of Greenhaven Massage Therapy

It’s great to meet you

I started Greenhaven in December 2020 with the desire to create a beautiful treatment space that was welcoming to all. My belief is that you can have a therapeutic massage that is also enjoyable and relaxing.

At Greenhaven my promise to you is that we are always learning, improving, and working together as a team to provide the best treatments possible. Collaboration and communication is important to us to make sure that your needs are heard and included in your treatment plan, whether that is recovering from and injury, managing chronic pain, or finding a safe space to wind down and relax.

Since I started my career of massage therapy in 2013 I have learned so much that has helped to bring me here. From being a doula and birth worker to training as a life coach, to being the co-owner of More to Life Massage Therapy from 2016-2020, I’m grateful to be culminating this vision with you. Thank you to all the people who have supported me and the clients who continue to place you care in my hands- you are the reason I love what I do so much!