Registered Massage Therapy

Your therapist will talk with you about a treatment plan at your initial appointment and may perform some assessments. Therapists may also use techniques such as cupping, hot stone, essential oils, myoskeletal alignment technique, and more if they find it applicable to the condition they are treating. Prices are the same for pregnancy and postpartum treatments.

As of September 1st 2021, our prices will be changing to the following:

30 minute $65.00

45 minute $85.00

60 minute $105.0

75 minute $125.00

90 minute $140.00

All prices include HST

Hot Stone Massage -Coming Soon!

Full body hot stone massage is a hydrotherapy application which uses heat to penetrate deep into the muscles. This encourages blood flow and relaxes deep tissue without as much physical pressure. Hot stone also creates a sense of calming in the body. Great for people who don’t tolerate deep pressure or who struggle with anxiety/depression.

Some therapists may use a few hot stones during regular treatments on specific areas, however a full body hot stone treatment will treat all areas of the body with the stones along with placing warm stones on the body parts that aren’t being treated. Cozy!

60 minute $140.00

90 minute $155.00

All prices include hst

Cupping Therapy

Many of our therapists are trained in silicone cupping, a technique which uses silicone cups to release scar tissue, fascia, trigger points, and tight muscles. Your therapist may decide to use one cup, a few cups, or none at all depending on what they are treating and how your body responds.

Cupping lifts stuck tissue upwards to release tension. Cups may be left in one spot or moved to massage. Cups can create circular cupping marks in areas that are particularly restricted or tight, so if you would like to avoid this let your therapist know.

Cupping is included in treatments at no extra cost.